Earning Money from Freelance Writing

paper sharpeningsSince the passive earning from online content dream seems to be somewhat elusive, and the savings are melting at an alarming rate, I took the desperate step of signing up at some freelance sites (you known Elance, Freelancer, oDesk, etc.) where failed people like myself are ruthlessly exploited by internet spammers.

Actually freelance writing from these websites wasn’t my first choice. I initially tried to find freelance translating work from ‘proper’ translation agencies. Such work generally pays better than just content writing. However, so far I’ve had very little luck obtaining anything. I apparently ‘failed’ in the two translation tests I’d been given.

But I’ve found a couple of translating jobs on a freelancing site. They paid a lot less than they should, considering the amount of text, but at least I have some ratings on one of the sites. Then I got another job of writing some webpage content, and afterwards, the ‘client’ suggested that I write articles for him outside of the site. There seems to be an unending stream of products he’s putting on his website that need to be advertised. Last month I managed to earn almost the whole of my exorbitant London rend from this one client.


If I could find another freelance writing job I could stop hunting squirrels for food!

This is very encouraging. The current plan for survival is to write freelance articles for the rent, pay the other bills from the online earnings, and shoplift and hunt squirrels for food. Or perhaps I could  find a few more clients (really shouldn’t be putting all my eggs in one basket), write more and allow the squirrels to live.

So it sounds like I might be spending more time on freelancing sites. For one thing, so far I’ve only obtained work from one of them, probably the most spammy, and I think it would be a good idea to diversify into the others. The probability of winning the bids for work increases with the number of positive ratings one gets. Unfortunately to find the occasional not-absolutely-dreadful project, one has to wade through utterly depressing mountains of absolutely spam.

There are the unintelligible project descriptions, the numerous ‘write some articles’ with no further details projects, the multitude of people who offer writing jobs at $1 per 500 words, and the huge number of subcontractors. Subcontractors, in case you are wondering, are people who run groups of freelancers, and pass on the projects to them. They have hundreds of projects under their belts so they always show up us the top bidders for any project, and they bid for absolutely everything. I shudder to think of what they actually pay their writers, given the $1 per 500 words price, that they presumably take their cut out of.

butterflyWhat really annoyed me about the site, however, is finding a decent project to bid for, putting down a good proposal, and then having the person not actually choose anybody for it. For example I bid for a few projects to write e-books or articles about Bitcoin. I mine Bitcoin ffs! There is a picture of my ASIC busily printing virtually money for me. Don’t you think I would do a good job writing about it? So far all the projects about BTC have gone unrewarded, which I guess is better than if a subcontractor was chosen over me, but not by much.

Then there are the projects I occasionally see where the ‘employer’ wants people to build him a website that would earn $10 a day from Adsense. The price for this job is about $100. Honestly if I knew how to make sites that earned 10 dollars from Adsense, do you think I would need to look for freelance work?

So using these sites does take a very strong stomach, and it is easy to become despondent. However, after a couple of months, I do now get constant orders for articles, which have almost paid the rent last month. So I guess it was worth it.


A Few 2013 Achievements

flowers mess color5I realise it is a bit late to do a summation of my many (non) achievements in the previous year, but then my whole attempt to survive outside the crazy world of formal employment and making money online has been one long chain of delays and procrastinations.  Even if it is late, I think it might be useful to make some kind of stock taking of where I have come after almost 2 years of trying to convince Google, or Amazon or whoever to pay my rent.

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I Just Signed up for Nanowrimo!

nanowrimo participant

singed up for nanowrimo

I just singed up for NaNoWriMo.  One of my delusional ideas for making money was to write a kick-ass amazing science fiction novel, self-publish on kindle, and wait for fame and fortune.  It is no less crazy than all my other ideas for making money online.  If I can guilt my friends and family into buying the book, I should be able to 5$ from this, about par for all my money making endeavours.

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100k Views at HubPages!

marbleplane6I’ve recently achieved yet another accolade at HubPages, my pages have been viewed a hundred thousand times.  It took me about 18 months to get there.

That does sound like an impressive amount, however I think all those views have earned me around $300.  Which is really rather pathetic.

On the other hand I am now nearing to getting the monthly payout, which is set at about $50.  That is also rather sad.  However, it probably pays the electricity bill.  Also HubPages traffic is again getting seriously depressed by panda.  If the bloody animal ever decides to take its paw off my articles, traffic will presumably increase. Continue reading

Editor’s Choice Hubs, HubPages New Weapon Against Panda

image-1Last week the HubPages blog introduced us to their latest idea to fight the traffic devastations caused by the latest version of Google’s panda, Editor’s Choice hubs.  Editors (one assumes HP staff) are going to pick especially “good” pages, which will be taken out of individual subdomains and indexed on the main HP domain.  Presumably they will benefit from the PR6 of the main domain, and will be treated more kindly by Google. Continue reading

Bubblews, the New Make-Money-Online Craze

soap-bubbles-107004_640If you spend anytime at all trying to generate some money by publishing online content, you can’t have escaped hearing about bubblews.  In fact you are most probably bubbling away seeing your money climb up.

For those of you who are on this blog by mistake, bubblews is a new writing site, that is characterised by incredible ease of publishing and incredibly good payouts.  In fact it seems too good to be true.  It most probably is. Continue reading